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Friday, April 8, 2016

Tea Party Black & White!

Hello to all! You know what time it is! New Monthly Challenge, this time is my turn to direct it! Please make sure that you participate on it while having lots of fun! Now, for the topic!

The theme for this new challenge is:
Tea Party Black & White!

Let's going to have a classy setting for a social event, black and white for sure will make the most cute of the cards look with a perfect touch of elegantly!
Make sure that you submit your entry to the right folder, which for the purposes of this event will have the same name. If any question comes out, please let me know, I will be glad to help you guys with any doubt. Here is my contribution

I used the file: Mousey Tea Time

Rules are simple: 

1-. Work mainly with Black and White colors and special papers!
2-. Your entry MUST include something Tea Party related.
3-. You MUST include a KBD file in your artwork.
4-. Submit before the deadline. (April 21st)
5-. Submit to the correct folder.
6-. Make sure to support all the other members by leaving comments and positive opinions.

Please make sure to visit our sites, so you can both, get inspiration and files to work on! My personal favorite for this challenge is the "Mousey Tea Time", but I will give you complete liberty into which files you decide to use! NONETHELESS, remember that it MUST contain something related to a Tea Party.

Our sites:

Wanna get inspiration? KBD Fan Page
Looking for good works? KBD Blog
Need a new file to work on? KBD online store

Sandra KBD DT