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Monday, February 22, 2016

12 months of KaDoodle

To start off with this project, I knew I needed an address book and a calendar. I am always looking for those two things on my desk, it is organized in only a crafter can understand!

I started with the Valentine Mailbox file for the address book portion:

After completing this portion, I worked on the calendar portion. Now I could have just used one KaDoodle file, but well there is no fun in that! There are too many cute ones to just use one! I decided to mimic the address book portion, but use the new one as an easel for monthly KaDoodle files (highlighted in bold).

January: For the New Year I decided the CK Celebrate The New Year moose was perfect! 

 February: Can't forget Valentine's day! With the Sweet Hearts Squirrel, I made the box 3D because, well I could so I did!

 March: St. Patricks day. I felt the You're My Lucky Charm file was adorable because there's a bear butt. A bear butt. Come on now how adorable is that?! The only changes I did to this file was added gold around the bear and more clouds for the message.

 April: Earth month. The Earth Squirrel is one of my favorites of the 13 I used. Simply because I love the vibrancy of the earth!

 May: Easter, coming soon! The Easter Egg Lamb is so cute, I had to use it.

 June: Father's day is in June. The World's Best Dad file is certainly one of my favorite files.

 July: Well everyone knows Independence day is in July! CK Army Penguin is an important reminder to why we have our independence!

 August: CK Sunflower Cutie is a newer file. I added the bow and the lady bug.

 September: Did you know that honey has its own month? Well it does and it happens to be September! The Busy Bee Bears files will probably always be a favorite KaDoodle file for me!

 October: Ghosts, goblins, and candy all around for October! The CC Peek~a~Boo Ghost file is adorable!

 November: Gobble gobble! The only month where people give their thanks right up until the day directly after the gobble gobble digests! The Give Thanks Turkey is just glad that he has a bit of time before that time!

 December: Ho, ho, ho. Santa is peeking through the fireplace! Fireplace Santa 
That concludes the 12 months of KaDoodle! All files can be found at


  1. that looks so cool i love them you did a great job

  2. OMGoodness! WOW! mouth on the floor!! You TOTALLY ROCKED this post!! I want to be like you when I grow up!!! Seriously!! WOW!!
    ~DT Sister

  3. Totally AMAZING!!! Awesome job!! Alma~DT

  4. This is amazing. Would love to have it on my desk to keep me organized with celebrations and addresses.

  5. Oh WoW!! Great details in each month design.Look like you had fun fun..barbara/koalabc

  6. Oh WoW!! Great details in each month design.Look like you had fun fun..barbara/koalabc

  7. Oh my gosh,,, that is simply adorable!!!!!

  8. Very nice and creative. You did an excellent job.