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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's a Shark T-Shirt

Hey everyone! 
Jessi here from My Life in Arts n' Crafts, Thanks for stopping by! 
Can You tell I am obsessed with printable iron stuff?
I will have Direct Links to all supplies over on my blog! Click this banner below to pop on over there! 

I printed the shark on Printable Iron on for dark fabrics which is basically a weird white film. I then pulled off the backer and laid it on my shirt I cut out text with mint HTV from Siser. I used my easy press to melt it to the shirt. Make sure you put the parchment sheet over it because it melts to the heat press if you don't. I set my Easy press for 350 degrees and 30 seconds I pressed it on the front once, checked it and then pressed more on the HTV as needed I waited for it to cool pulled off the plastic from the HTV and then flipped my shirt inside out. I made sure to put the parchment back inside over the design and pressed once more inside out to make sure everything was secure. I think it came out super cute and totally fits this kids personality. He Loves Sharks. 

Like I said I will have links to everything over on my blog if you want to pick up any of the items used for today's projects. 

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