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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Easter mini album

I don't very often create mini albums but I couldn't resist
making a cute mini album using Easter files from 
Kadoodle Bug Designs.

The files that I used are 
Cutie KaToodles - Beachy Cricket (modified to be a 
Cricket with bunny ears),

This project takes a good amount of playing with the files
but is easy once you know how to do it. I will
do my best to explain how to do this. 
Once you know how you can use this technique to
create many other mini albums if you would like to.
(I will be sharing a graduation mini album this next week.)

  1.  load the KBD file into your design space.
  2. Duplicate the grey base pieces.
  3. You will then need to regroup the file so that you can size everything to the right size to fit onto the shaped album pages.
  4. Size the file so that the base piece is about 6.5 inches. You will need to use the grids in your design space and enlarge the file until the base is 6.5 inches. Everything must get bigger proportionately or they will not layer. This is why everything must be regrouped to enlarge them.
  5. Once everything is enlarged, bring in some squares that you will make into different sized rectangles for the pages of the album.
  6. The size of the rectangles that I used was 4x5,5.5x5,7.5x5, and 8x5.
  7. Align the base shape on the bottom. 
  8. The base shape should overlap the rectangle.
  9. Weld the base shape and the rectangle together.

 10. Embellish and assemble the animals.
 11. Glue on top of the page where the shape was welded on.
 12. Decorate the album the way you want it.
 13. Add pictures.
 14. Give to the recipient and watch their excitement.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post and learn a
new technique for making mini albums.

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