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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Easter Egg Lamb Cuteness

Have you ever made a layout by using a grid that you made?
For my project today, I am going to show you how.

I used two different files from Kadoodle Bug Designs, some
basic shapes and some other things from Cricut Design Space.
The KDB files that I used are
(any sun would work but I liked this one and I already had the file).


  1. Insert one square size 11.5". Duplicate it. 
  2. Insert another shape that you want to use to make the grid. I started out with squares and made some into rectangles. Make sure the big initial square and the other shapes you use are different colors.
  3. Lay them on top of your big square. These will become the cut out places in your grid.
  4. Once you have them laid out where you want them, slice them into the big square. Make sure slice them out after you have them all where you want them in case you need to move them.
  5. Discard the sliced out pieces
  6. I chose different simple images from Cricut Design Space to add other shapes to the grid. You will only need the bottom piece of the image chosen so ungroup it and discard the rest of it.
  7. The base piece is what you will need for the KBD file so ungroup and then duplicate the base piece (it's usually grey.)
  8. Duplicate all the pieces you plan to weld to the gride. This is necessary so they will be the same size when you decorate them with the other pieces (the color ones). Don't change the sizes of the files one you have the welded as they would line up correctly.
  9. Place those pieces where you want them in the grid. I used the base piece (Easter Egg Lamb), words happy and easter, text 2018, egg shape, bunny shape, and a sentiment from a card that I stretch out tall. They will need to touch the grid.
  10. Select the grid and the shape (one at a time) and weld them together. You will add their pieces.
  11. Glue grid onto 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.
  12. Assemble the color pieces onto the grid.
  13. Embellish and add photos and journaling.

If you have any questions, message me either on Facebook or email

Have fun!

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