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Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter Bunny Wand | Little Bunnies

Hello crafty people and welcome!

Today I am sharing this super cute wand I made to stick in an Easter themed loaded envelope. Wands just popped out of nowhere, I feel. They are so easy and addicting to make. You can customize them to whatever season or theme. They just add such detail to any happy mail project and they make people happy. Here is one I made using the Little Bunnies.

Be sure to check out my channel next week for the tutorial on those.
So I usually like to start with a rosette. I cut these out on the Cricut Explore. Then I layer from that. I usually always use hot glue for these kind of projects because of everything that will be added. You can use tulle, trims, or anything that might add texture. I love using tulle.

The main focus and top layer will be my bunny.  For this wand I used the girl bunny.  So I just attached a paper straw to the rosette to turn this rosette into a wand. I added a cute egg to blend the bunny into the rosette. For some movement, I added 2 pipe cleaners and curled them and attached 2 bling butTerflies. I love the movement and bling bling it gives the wand.
Lastly I add some trims and ribbons kind of like a tassel under the rosette part. It just brings the rosette to life!
And that's it! You can customize wands to your liking and style! They're so fun to make! I hope you guys give it a try. This is how I would stick in in a loaded pocket. Come back next week to see the finished pocket!!
Have a wonderful crafty day!!
~Design Team Gabriela

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