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Thursday, April 21, 2016

When Life Gives you Lemons . . . .

.... Drink Lemonade!!!!

Design Team member Vivian here with you today.

Ok . . . so I tweaked this file a bit by sort-of taking creative liberties. Mainly cause my original cut caused me undue distress. I just couldn't handle not making my own eyes. I also took out the extra "lemon slices", the mouth and little pink tongue. I want to keep my cuts simple and dealing with little pieces gives me a headache.

For those of you that like the little pieces - ROCK ON! Just not me. So if the little pieces cause you to sweat too, don't be discouraged by the file. You can choose to not deal with them and STILL make KBD and her creator proud.

I used the Shoptastic Cutie: Lemonade Pitcher. I had the perfect stamp to go with it that I had not yet used (up to this point).

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Supplies and extra details can be found on my personal blog.

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  1. your card is totally awesome!!