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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The importance of giving

I made little gift packs for my son's classmates, teachers, and bus drivers. While my children (7 and 3) were excited to see the little treats, I felt it was important to let them know that it is more about the fact that my son gets to give these presents away rather than keep them.

Using KaDoodle's Winter Reindeer Peeker file and their Sweet Treat Gingers, I was able to make these gifts!
 The teachers and bus drivers received a sweet smelling pumpkin hand wash.
 Teachers and anyone involved in my child's life actively I feel need to have a thank you reminder because they really do shape our children's lives daily.

 I used the Sweet Treat Gingers file to make these chapstick holders for each teacher and bus driver!
I then used both files to make 22 gift bags that had a Christmas pencil, eraser, and goodies in it. 
To save on time (I only had a day free to do this all) I was able to use the print and cut feature for the tags and labels. KaDoodle's cute files were just the PERFECT touch to these gifts!

All the new winter files are a must see...

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